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Despite the popular notion of corsets as a women's undergarment, men began wearing corsets around the end of the French Revolution in the late 1700's. Men's corsets became a staple of upper class fashion when such prominent men as King George IV of England adopted the practice. Men's fashion dictated a broad-shouldered, trim-waisted look which was more easily achieved with the use of a corset. Later, the corset remained as a component of a man's wardrobe because of the belief that corsets provided back support for athletic activities, such as riding and hunting.

The men's corsets created by Cypress Corsetry are specifically designed for men's body proportions. Furthermore, the vest styling of our men's corsets allows the corset to be worn as a stylish garment over the shirt, whether with or without a covering jacket or suit coat. Rather than simply adapting a woman's corset pattern to a man's measurements, we have developed a completely separate line of men's patterns to suit the lower waistline and broader upper body of a man. Like all of our corsets, each men's corset vest is made for your body using specific and unique measurements.

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The Jordan

classic vest with welted front pockets in a selection of fine fabrics

$250.00 - $350.00


jordan men's corset

The Phoenix

flashy vest with welted front pockets in eye-catching satins and tapestry silks

$250.00 - $350.00


phoenix cropped