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The Jordan

a men's corset-vest

A classic men's vest with welted pockets and a collar along the front neckline, the Jordan is fully boned throughout to provide support and silhouette control. Made in a select range of finely-woven wool suiting, the front closes with a busk and the back laces the entire length through hand-set grommets.


This corset-vest is offered in a variety of options to fit your budget and taste.
Basic Fabric Options  
High quality wools in a variety of colors. Finished price with this option is $250.00.
gray worsted
tan worsted
herringbone worsted
tweed worsted
Gray Sage Worsted Wool
Tan Worsted Wool
Herringbone Worsted Wool
Tweed Worsted Wool
Premium Fabric Options  
The finest Italian wool and wool-silk blends from designer manufacturers make the Premium Jordan a truly exceptional garment. Finished price with this option is $350.00.
camel plaid
pinstripe navy
pinstripe black

Plaid Camel Hair

Caramel Gabardine

Navy Pinstripe, Italian Wool/Silk

Black Pinstripe, Italian Wool/Silk
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