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Fashion Corsets

From elegant to sexy and everything in between, our corsets offer something for everyone.

Got your own ideas for a corset? Please contact us to ask about bringing your ideas to life.


Classic Corsetry

SAPCERThe Sheeva

flashy underbust corset in bright satins overlayed with black lace

$100.00 - $150.00

sheeva corset

The Zoe

a beautiful double-laced corset with contrast fabric in the hip and bust gores

$350.00 - $425.00

zoe corset

The Ayaka

Japanese-style off-center closure on a classic corset design

$200.00 - $300.00





Waist Cinchers

The Collette

classic waist cincher in a variety of satin brocades

$50.00 - $115.00


The Capri

bold canvas prints with bewitching fringe along the bottom

$75.00 - $325.00

capri waist cincher


The Emma

sexy vinyl or leather trimmed with feminine lace

$75.00 - $250.00

emma waist cincher


Something Different

The Beatrice

modern halter-top corset trimmed with fringe

$200.00 - $400.00

beatrice corset

The Valentina

eye-catching striped underbust corset in velvet- flocked satin with vibrant trim and lace-up gussetts

$200.00 - $350.00

valentina underbust