japanese brocade corset

Custom Corsetry

As the ultimate foundation garment, your corset should mirror your measurements in every detail. As an individual your body is unique, and cannot be accurately represented by a single size.

How we achieve the perfect custom corset . . .

Our approach to designing your corset takes into consideration both the widths of various regions of your torso (bust, waist, hips, etc.) as well as the lengths between these regions. This approach is very different from that used in mass-produced fashion clothing, which uses a sizing scheme based upon "average" women's measurements.

We use a 2-step process to create every Cypress Corset. First, we send you our detailed measurement forms to gather between 3 and 12 measurements of your body, depending on which corset you want. Second, our toile fitting service (available locally for those in Los Angeles or by mail for those in other places) allows you to see exactly how the corset will fit and allows us to make fine-tuned adjustments before the final corset is created.

Small or large bust?

Wide or narrow hips?

Thin or thick waist?

Regardless of your body type, a Cypress Corset will always provide the best fit and most flattering appearance.