Costumes & Burlesque

At Cypress Corsetry we pride ourselves on our ability to work with individual clients to create stunning, one-of-a-kind costumes for any occasion. Whether you want the perfect Halloween costume or need a dazzling, yet durable, burlesque costume, we look forward to hearing your ideas and coming up with something perfect, just for you.

To start the creation process, just email us!


Burlesque Ensembles

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Burlesque artists tantalize and tease their audience as they remove layer after layer of their ensemble. At Cypress Corsetry we work with the performer to develop a single unified theme which is expressed in each layer, from pasties and panties to corset to covering, creating a unique performance piece. Our burlesque ensembles are also designed to hold up to the rigors of performance, night after night.


Custom Costumes

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The perfect costume starts with the perfect idea. Cypress Corsetry is always excited to design the perfect costume for any occasion, bringing your vision to life.

This collection highlights some of our past custom work.