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Custom-made Costumes

The perfect costume starts with the perfect idea. Cypress Corsetry is always excited to design the perfect costume for any occasion, or work with you to bring your vision to life.

The costumes featured on this page are not for sale, but are shown as examples of the range of costumes Cypress Corsetry has created for a wide variety of events, from masquerade balls to circus performances.

Ready to commission your costume? Contact us to start bringing your ideas to life.

The Clock Gown

Created for the 2010 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, this gown was inspired by the 13-hour clock from the movie Labyrinth.

The corset is made of burgundy vinyl and the skirt is chocolate satin and connects to the corset with a spiraling gold netting connects the corset to the skirt. The clock face is adorned with genuine wind-up clock parts. The chains and rings trimming the skirt and back of the gown recall the workings of an old grandfather clock, and include genuine antique clock hands.

clock gown front

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clock gown back
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Polka-Dot Clown

Created for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Jumbo's Clown Room, Hollywood, California.

A bright straight-seam overbust corset in red canvas and polka-dot broadcloth over a skirt of red and black polka-dot cotton with black spiderweb net tutu beneath. Suspenders and necktie of red and black striped grosgrain ribbon complete the look.

clown corset

clown 2


Steampunk Cocktail Party

A burgundy vinyl waist cincher and shoulder harness. The waist cincher fastens in front with antique brass fastners and laces up the back. The shoulder harness is open in front and fastens across the back with brass hardware.

Chocolate satin skirt with gold net bustle and chain waist decoration

Matching fascinator and lace-up gauntlets complete the look.

steampunk costume

steampunk detail
steampunk costume


Are you a Halloween fanatic?

Do you have a theme-party on the horizon?

Are you a stage performer in burlesque, comedy, or circus?

At Cypress Corsetry, we love working with you to create the perfect costume for your next big event!