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Corset Designs

Whether you're a man or a woman, want a historically-correct piece or an exciting modern design, Cypress Corsetry offers a wide range of corsets custom-made to your specific measurements.


Historical Corsets

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Cypress Corsetry uses genuine period-correct patterns, fabrics, and notions to create our line of historical corsets. These corsets are perfect for re-enactments, period parties, and all other events requiring precision and attention to detail.


Fashion Corsets

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The corsets in this collection have been created to express a range of modern styles. From underbust corsets to waist-cinchers, these pieces are offered in a wide range of fabrics and patterns to suit your personal taste.


Men's Corset-Vests

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Since the late 1700's wealthy gentlemen have relied on corsets to trim their appearance and improve posture. Cypress Corsetry continues this tradition with our modern collection of men's corset-vests.


Custom-made Costumes

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From Masquerade Balls to re-enactments, Cypress Corsetry strives to create the perfect look for your event. The pieces in this collection showcase previous ensembles we have developed for specific events and clients.


At Cypress Corestry, we take pride in offering a wide selection of beautiful corsets to fit every taste.