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The Ayaka

a full corset

A straight-seam overbust corset with an off-center closure inspired by traditional Japanese fashion. The corset retains full cinching capabilities with a front busk beneath a covering flap which closes with buttons resembling silk frog closures. The Ayaka is made in a variety of classic oriental brocades, however options for select Chinese brocades are also available. Top and bottom of this corset are finished with black satin binding.


This corset is offered in a variety of options to fit your budget and taste.
Basic Fabric Options    
Basic Fabrics Sturdy brocades in a variety of patterns, as pictured. Finished price with this option is $200.00.
choc flowers
cremy satin
burgundy ren
Chocolate Flowers
Creamy Satin
Burgundy Renaissance
Premium Chinese Brocades  
Premium Fabrics Select brocades manufactured by the Ruifu Shang house, a family-run silk manufacturer dating to the Qing Dynasty. Finished price with this option is $300.00. bronze long creamy dragons hunter shantung
Bronze Longevity
Cream Dragons
Black Dragons
Hunter Shantung
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