About our Corsets

At Cypress Corsetry we pride ourselves on the attention to detail, precision, and quality we put into all of our pieces. Each corset is hand-crafted in our workshop in downtown Los Angeles. Your corset will be created in the style you want to our exacting standards, resulting in a truly stunning garment you will treasure for years to come.

Highest quality fabrics

From the Fashion Distric in downtown Los Angeles to the street markets of France and the silk production centers of China, we scour the world to find the best materials for our corsets. We use soft and comfortable linens and lawns for lining, 100% cotton twill and coutil for structural fabrics, and a wide range of beautiful and well-made fashion fabrics for the outer shell.

Attention to Detail

Each corset we create is crafted with the highest degree of care from the lining out. We use three layers in our corsets, a light-weight inner lining for your comfort, a middle layer of sturdy, 100% cotton fabric for maximum cinching and durability, and an outer layer of fashion fabric to create the perfect look for your corset. We place sturdy support-tapes between the lining and structural fabric at strategic points dictated by your specific measurements to ensure maximum cinching and support capabilities.

Hand-applied Hardware and Trim

From individually cut-to-measure boning to hand-set grommets, sequins, and beads, each of our corsets is specifically created to your wishes. We craft by hand to ensure the highest level of quality.

"To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly." - Anna Held

Because of the complexity of wearing a corset, each Cypress Corset comes with complete information about wear and care. At Cypress Corsetry we stand behind all of our work. In the unlikely event of a malfunction in your corset or damage resulting from normal wear and tear over the years, we will gladly make all necessary repairs free of charge. If damage is the result of a mishap by the wearer, we offer repair services at very modest charges. Our main concern is maintaining the integrity of your corset.

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