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British Overbust Corset

circa 1875

A classic straight-seam overbust corset from the Victorian Era, redrafted from a pattern published in Peterson's Magazine. This corset closes in front with a busk and laces through hand-set grommets in the back. Depending on size, the British Overbust contains between 14-20 spring steel bones.


This corset is offered in a variety of options to fit your budget and taste.
Basic Fabric Options  
Basic Fabrics A sturdy, 100% cotton twill is used, as it was throughout the Victorian Era, as a common day-to-day fabric for this highly functional undergarment, as pictured. Finished price with this option is $175.00. natural twill white twill    
beige twill
white twill
Premium Fabric Options  
Premium Fabrics For a more sophisticated corset suitable for upper-class women, this British Overbust is offered in sturdy twill with a covering of beautiful eyelet cotton, silk, or linen. Finished price with this option is $250.00.
white eyelet
white dupioni
eggshell dupioni
white linen
white eyelet, 100% cotton
white dupioni silk
eggshell dupioni silk
white linen
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